Georgia is a land of miracles. It is incredibly beautiful, European, traditional and hospitable. The country is quite small, the size of Ireland.

Georgia is visited every year by millions of tourists from around the world and the tourism indicator is growing from year to year. Over time, there were more Russian tourists in Georgia, and after the 2012 elections tourist traffic got a little brighter and even Moscow travel agencies began to be timidly interested in Georgia.

country total
area is 69,700 km²

official status
of winemaking countries

14 reserves, 8 national parks
and 12 protected areas

Georgia is a mountainous country, warm and not very expensive. The average income in Georgia is about 230 USD. The country over the past 15 years has suffered phenomenal changes. There are almost no street thefts. Georgia is on the 5th place on security in Europe. One of the factors of rapid economic growth this is the ease of doing business. According to the World Bank, Georgia is the 7th largest in Europe

Free economic zones, infrastructure development, low taxes — all that investors need to know. Transparency and modernity — this is how you can characterize the state system in Georgia. The company (jur a person) can be registered in a matter of minutes

All these conditions made Georgia attractive for investors from different countries. In Batumi invested - Sheraton, Radisson, Hilton, Marriot, Kampinsky and many other hotel giants.